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Please send detailed resume and references to


Minimum of 3 years experience

  • – Must have the ability to understand and comprehend duties and responsibilities.

Responsibilities/Duties for Master (including but not limited to)

  • – Responsible for overall management of the vessel.
  • – The safe navigation and operation of the vessel.
  • – Enforcement of all company, local, domestic and international policies, statutory rules and regulations, rules and regulations.
  • – Motivation of the crew in observation of all company policies, rules and regulations.
  • – Verification that specific reporting requirements are observed.
  • – Reviewing of the safety management system and reporting its deficiencies to the shore based management.
  • – Responsible for the security of the vessel.
  • – Apply and manage a 4 four point anchor spread.

Responsibilities/Duties for Chief Engineer, Chief Limited, Chief OSV, DDE 4000, DDE ULHP (including but not limited to)

  • – Maintains the ship in a state of readiness at all times.
  • – Oversees all bunkering operations and ensures safety and environmental compliance.
  • – Oversees and maintains all engineering systems, following preventative maintenance program.
  • – Actively participates in trouble shooting, diagnostics and repairing mechanical issues.
  • – Keeps maintenance records, inventories and status reports. Make proposals for maintenance and repair projects.

Responsibilities/Duties for QMED (including but not limited to)

  • – Perform minor repairs/maintenance as directed by the duty engineer and keeping the engine room and other machinery spaces clean and oil free.
  • – Cleans and paints machinery and spaces: assists in fuel transfers, pumping bilges, etc. May be required to serve as a mechanical or electrical aide for other repairs and maintenance.
  • – Monitor the operations of vital equipment, checking fluid levels, temperatures, etc.

Experience Desired for all positions (including but not limited to)

  • – High School Diploma or equivalent
  • – Merchant Mariners Document (Z-card)
  • – Must possess valid state ID card and a TWIC card
  • – Must have ability to speak and write English clearly
  • – Vocational training a plus.

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