About Seamar

Seamar is a leading provider of subsea construction services to the domestic and international oil and gas industries operating at water depths up to 300 feet in the Gulf of Mexico and select global markets. Seamar's subsea construction services include the installation, maintenance, repair and decommissioning of underwater pipelines and various subsea oil and gas production infrastructures.

An independently owned and operated company, Seamar is headquartered in Houston, Texas USA. Seamar employs over 200 highly skilled offshore and onshore personnel throughout its locations in Texas, Florida and Mexico.

Gulf of Mexico Operations
Seamar's 45,000 square foot facility in Houston, TX USA serves as the company's headquarters as well as the operations hub for all of the U.S Gulf of Mexico and International projects. The company's executive management office from this location as well as other key departmental personnel such as Seamar's project management, operations, human resource and sales/marketing personnel.

Mexico Operations
Seamar's operation in Mexico focuses on subsea support to major international contractors working for PEMEX. Centrally located in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico, Seamar has become the leading offshore service company in emergency and quick response in the Mexican market. With a 25,000 Sq. Ft. facility, state of the art equipment and teams of highly qualified personnel for surface diving, inspection and observation ROV services and welding and fabrications crews available to fulfill our customer needs.

Florida Operations
Our Florida office offers a wide variety commercial diving services specifically catered to the inland and ship husbandry markets in and around the Florida area. Strategically located in Miami, Fl, Seamar's Florida Operations is well positioned to manage the high demand of the international and domestic cruise line and shipping industry as well as various underwater construction projects managed by city, state and federal authorities.


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